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Your Grooming Package Includes:

  1. Bath ( Shampoo & Condition)

  2. Brush Out

  3. Blow Out

  4. Full Body Haircut

  5. Private Area Trim

  6. Pad Shave

  7. Nail Trim

  8. Ear Cleaning

  9. Spritz of Cologne

  10. Hugs, Care and Love!

All Full Service pricing is subject to an additional change based on breed, weight, size,

coat condition, haircut type, behavior and service requested.

Extra Services:

Teeth Brushing

Flea & Tick Shampoo

De-Shedding Treatment

Nail Grinding & Nail Filing

Tangles, Matts & Knot Removal


*We provide different shampoos for all skin types.

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